Direct Mail Marketing Services

Sending mail in bulk can be a tedious task without a professional direct mail solution.

Bulk Mail

Sending a mass mailing campaign with direct mail products like a flyer or newsletter can be difficult to scale and execute. Directworx mass letter mailing services have been trusted by Canadian and USA businesses and all levels of government to send flyers, newsletters, invitations and all kinds of government documents such as tax forms. No bulk direct marketing mail campaign is too large for our mailhouse. Let us help you send your bulk mail to the US, Canada and beyond.

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Direct Mail Solutions

directworx provides a wide variety of direct mail and printing services to meet your business’ needs.


Envelopes play an important role in direct mail marketing, as they can be the deciding factor in whether the mail piece will be opened or tossed. directworx can fulfill your campaign needs with envelope printing, stuffing, and mailing services. From bulk addressing envelopes, to stuffing thousands of mail pieces, directworx has the staff and expertise to get your job done quickly and efficiently.


Postcards are one of the most popular ways to deliver advertisements through direct mail. Postcard marketing is effective, cheap, and visually appealing for customers. Creating a direct mail campaign and printing and mailing postcards has never been easier with directworx’s services. We work with you to understand your business needs, create colourful and eye-catching direct mail designs, and print and mail your postcard campaign. We execute on large bulk postcard printing and mailing jobs, or can fulfill smaller printing and mailing runs.

Below are some direct mail postcard examples:

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers are another form of direct mail effective for achieving results. Flyers provide a large canvas to communicate your business’ value proposition and to illustrate the benefits of your product or service, and as such is an effective way to get your message out. directworx can help you design, print and get your flyers in the mail. Our flyer mailing and distribution service has benefited companies for over 22 years.

Much like flyers, brochures are another popular form of direct mail marketing that can include help illustrate and communicate your products and services. We can help you design your direct mail brochures and customize based on layout and number of folds. If you’re looking to bulk print and mail brochures, directworx can help you.

Here are some examples of direct mail flyers and brochures.

Digital Variable Printing

Variable data printing has helped change the direct mail landscape in allowing businesses to customize and personalize all forms of direct mail. If you’re looking to print and mail brochures, flyers, postcards, or other forms of direct mail advertising, the high level of personalization of digital variable printing will help you increase your response rates. You can choose which fields you wish to be dynamic, and we then customize each piece of direct mail for your next campaign.

directworx’s direct mail team can help your business with variable lettershop printing. Our in-house specialists can bulk print high-quality images and get your advertisements in the mail quickly.