Programmatic Direct Mail

Reach customers and prospects where other channels fail and engage buyers when and where they’re most likely to make purchase decisions.

  • Geofence Physical Retargeting
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Inbound Marketing Triggers (SalesForce, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Automated DM Offers

Your campaign’s success depends on delivering your brand message to customers and prospects while the buying decision is top of mind. The Directworx Programmatic Direct Mail system creates highly personalized and relevant offers through data-driven processes which are then delivered quickly to your target audience.

Our Programmatic DM system triggers automated business rules that quickly funnels a compelling creative and offer to prospects or customers. We design your custom creatives to deepen connections with existing customers and make a more tangible impact on prospects, and then deliver those offers directly in-hand. And best of all, once everything is in place we manage oversight of the automations so there is no additional work effort required.

Data Integration

Our flexible process integrates data from SalesForce, HubSpot, or any CRM or data platform.. Directed by your business strategy, your data can power personalized loyalty campaigns segmented by customer behaviour, trigger abandoned cart reminders personalized to the shopping cart or target hard-to-find new prospects using Canada Post’s geotargeting GIS data by getting your brand in front of customers with demonstrated product interest.

Automated Workflows

Our strategy-driven workflows ensure seamless movement of data, automatically personalizing preset mail pieces. We can apply customer or geographical suppressions, trigger-driven variable messaging and imagery resulting in multiple offers, all in a cohesive workflow.


Personalized direct mail builds a connection with your audience, impacting buying decisions. Data-driven and automated processes produce highly customized 1:1 mail pieces that address the individual with messaging, imagery, and offers tailored to their specific interests and aligned with their buying journey.

Speed to Market

The time between buying signals and in-hand offer is critical for customer recall and action. Our platform integration, automation, and predetermined creative mean a fast and streamlined process. Our direct integration with Canada Post enables personalized direct mail delivery in as little as 24 hours from receipt of data.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

The DirectWorx team can manage your entire campaign, including strategy, data, creative and personalization, or you can choose ‘a la carte’ the right level and type of services you need. Regardless of the level of support you select, your customized Programmatic Direct Mail campaign will benefit from our flexible data integration, personalization capabilities and speed to market relationship with Canada Post.