Data Processing and Custom Development

A company’s customer data is the most valuable asset they have, and keeping your database up to date and clean is critical.

You can reduce costs by lowering the number of undeliverable pieces and increase the response rate on targeted customer campaigns. With our data cleansing services. Our talented team of developers can tackle complex data challenges with a suite of tools and technology combined with decades of experience. Need a ground-up solution built?  Talk to us! We can help check the quality of your direct mail database.

Related Work

Source Cable
Source Cable

By changing the look and feel of their customer bills, Source Cable was able to very quickly realize an impressive return on a small investment.

Fatima Center
Fatima Center

By working with Directworx, The Fatima Center was able to sell their printing equipment, realizing a huge cost savings.

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet were able to overlay registration data with Canada Post mail data to see what results were like for the campaign, helping to quantify their return on investment (ROI).

All mailing lists are processed by an Address Validation and Correction program. This involves comparing each address using a Canada Post database that is updated monthly. When an error is detected, like the misspelling of a street name or use of an incorrect digit in a postal code, the program will make the necessary correction to validate the address.

Postal services require that all mailings meet a minimum accuracy level for addresses. In the interest of accuracy, all mailing lists received at directworx are passed through this program.

Canada Post and USPS have improved their software to provide more precise address accuracy and that means more deliverable mail. Any addresses which cannot be corrected with this program can be returned for investigation and either corrected or deleted.

Data validation is the simplest way to correct your data, minimize undeliverables and maximize your return. At directworx, we have a team of data processing experts ready to help you with your direct mail data processing needs.