Data Processing and Custom Development

A company’s customer data is the most valuable asset they have, and keeping your database up to date and clean is critical.

You can reduce costs by lowering the number of undeliverable pieces and increase the response rate on targeted customer campaigns. With our data cleansing services. Our talented team of developers can tackle complex data challenges with a suite of tools and technology combined with decades of experience. Need a ground-up solution built?  Talk to us! We can help check the quality of your direct mail database.Whether you’re creating a brand new promotion, or revising a previous campaign, we can work with you on your design from start to finish. We have extensive experience in creating campaign letters, newsletters, donor campaigns, advertisements, postcards, self-mailing pieces, and much more! 

All mailing lists are processed by an Address Validation and Correction program. This involves comparing each address using a Canada Post database that is updated monthly. When an error is detected, like the misspelling of a street name or use of an incorrect digit in a postal code, the program will make the necessary correction to validate the address.

Postal services require that all mailings meet a minimum accuracy level for addresses. In the interest of accuracy, all mailing lists received at directworx are passed through this program.

Canada Post and USPS have improved their software to provide more precise address accuracy and that means more deliverable mail. Any addresses which cannot be corrected with this program can be returned for investigation and either corrected or deleted.

Data validation is the simplest way to correct your data, minimize undeliverables and maximize your return. At directworx, we have a team of data processing experts ready to help you with your direct mail data processing needs.

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Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest

Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest

Simply meet with us to define your goals and budgets. Use our advanced services and expertise to create a mailing list tailored for your next direct mail campaign. You’ll know exactly who you’re reaching so you can communicate to them directly. From there, you can refine your list, add names,  segment, and personalize your message, and even track results with detailed response analytics!

Whoever your perfect customer is…

Targetworx will help you find them.

Maximize Your Direct Mail Investment

Mailing Lists

Direct mail marketing address lists can be extremely helpful in finding new customers who are similar to your current best customers. As a Postal Expert Partner, we can help you create your own prospect mailing list. directworx is a trusted mailing list provider for hundreds of businesses.

Zero in on your audience

Once you decide on your audience, we can help you find geographic areas where they represent a large number of the population.

Customize your message

Whether you want to mail to a local area, or to every affluent neighbourhood in Canada, you can target your mailing and tailor your message for greater response.

Gain new insights

The data you receive can add valuable insights into the location and density of your target audience. These are insights that may be useful for your other marketing initiatives.

Begin a two-way dialogue

Include a call to action using a QR code or a link to a landing page to provide your customers with opportunities to respond and engage.

Complement your advertising mix

Use direct mail as a complement to other marketing media, to reinforce your message, raise brand awareness, and help get your products noticed and remembered.

Optimize your campaign with data visualization

Our data visualization tools can help you visually map out and understand your data so that you can explore unique marketing opportunities for your business.

 Gather data-driven insights with data visualization to help you target your next campaign to the right audience and grow your business!