What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Are you looking for marketing that will entice even the most hard-won clients?

Direct marketing, also known as direct response marketing, is a method used by businesses to directly communicate with customers, clients, and/or prospective business partners. directworx specializes in various forms of direct marketing, including developing strategies and campaigns for direct mail marketing. Direct mail is a form of direct marketing in which physical pieces of advertisements are mailed to customers or businesses. Direct mail is a popular form of advertising for reaching existing customers and targeting new customers in a geographical area based on specific demographics. Using direct mail can be effective and profitable if your end goal is reaching your target customers and improving your brand awareness. Here are some benefits of using direct mail:

Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective?

Direct Mail remains one of the most effective methods of marketing with the highest response rate of any channel. When executed through directworx we will work with you to ensure the following elements are in place for your campaign:
  • Creative
  • Audience
  • Offer
  • Call to Action
  • Timing
We have all the tools and experience to build a campaign the gets results!


Speak To Your Market

Speaking directly to a specific person – this is the main objective of direct mail marketing. Unlike other forms of advertising, direct mail is the only one that allows for that personal touch. The level of personalization depends entirely on the data you have on your prospect. It can range from a simple address and letter salutation to in-depth information such as the type of product your client last purchased and what colours they are partial to. Anyone who has purchased a new vehicle has seen this type of advertising; if you bought a minivan you get brochures about all the new minivan innovations. This is an example of direct mailing service offered by mail houses like directworx.

With our digital personalization software and high-speed digital printers, we can bring the mailing house technologies used by Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized business in Canada.


How to Get Started with Direct Mail Marketing

Getting started on a direct mail marketing campaign is easy. Our in-house creative team can create and customize your campaign setup, design, and more. As a full-service print & mail provider, we can print and mail your advertisements under one roof. Contact us to get started with your next direct mail campaign.


Benefits of Direct Mail

directworx has worked with businesses small and large in Canada for over 26 years to provide mass and national mailing services for their direct mail campaigns. Learn more about the features and benefits of direct mail below.


A Signal That Resonates

Direct mail can mean the difference between contributing to the noise and breaking through it. In addition to being a direct mailing agency, we are also a Postal Expert Partner, which means that we are always up-to-date on the tools and best practices established by Postal

In a world of digital interactions, direct mail marketing combines the intimacy of ritual and the impact of physicality. The result is a signal that resonates. According to a recent study by Postal :

  • It is entrenched in a ritual that makes consumers more susceptible to inspiration from brands they wouldn’t normally respond to.
  • It is noticeable and memorable, helping brands capture consumer attention and stay top-of-mind through the purchase journey.
  • It imbues messages with emotion and intimacy, suggesting it’s an effective vehicle for transmitting brand values and a conduit for deeper and more-genuine one-to-one customer relationships.
  • Its value is extended, and sometimes even multiplied when it is kept, displayed and shared with others. This enables repeated brand exposure throughout the purchase journey and serves as a visible reminder until a consumer is ready to buy.
  • Last, but not least, it is a powerful trigger for action and may even enhance customer value and loyalty.

Once Is Never Enough

Response rate levels depend on both reach and frequency. Managing a successful ongoing marketing program designed to increase customer conversion requires follow-through.

This should be thought of as an investment; an investment of time and money.

The rewards can be big.


Stay in Touch to Stay in Business

The timing of your message is everything.

Multiple touches to a defined list increase the odds that your message will reach your prospect, especially when you’re targeting high-level decision makers. Multiple impressions will also dramatically increase recall rates and therefore, mind share for your company’s product or service (TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness).

Want to know more about our complete direct mail services? Contact us today to get started!

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Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest

Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest

Simply meet with us to define your goals and budgets. Use our advanced services and expertise to create a mailing list tailored for your next direct mail campaign. You’ll know exactly who you’re reaching so you can communicate to them directly. From there, you can refine your list, add names,  segment, and personalize your message, and even track results with detailed response analytics!

Whoever your perfect customer is…

Targetworx will help you find them.

Maximize Your Direct Mail Investment

Mailing Lists

Direct mail marketing address lists can be extremely helpful in finding new customers who are similar to your current best customers. As a Postal Expert Partner, we can help you create your own prospect mailing list. directworx is a trusted mailing list provider for hundreds of businesses.

Zero in on your audience

Once you decide on your audience, we can help you find geographic areas where they represent a large number of the population.

Customize your message

Whether you want to mail to a local area, or to every affluent neighbourhood in Canada, you can target your mailing and tailor your message for greater response.

Gain new insights

The data you receive can add valuable insights into the location and density of your target audience. These are insights that may be useful for your other marketing initiatives.

Begin a two-way dialogue

Include a call to action using a QR code or a link to a landing page to provide your customers with opportunities to respond and engage.

Complement your advertising mix

Use direct mail as a complement to other marketing media, to reinforce your message, raise brand awareness, and help get your products noticed and remembered.

Optimize your campaign with data visualization

Our data visualization tools can help you visually map out and understand your data so that you can explore unique marketing opportunities for your business.

 Gather data-driven insights with data visualization to help you target your next campaign to the right audience and grow your business!