Direct Mail Marketing – Sensitive Data Policy

“Sensitive Data” is defined as printed information beyond basic name and address including but not limited to:
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • any account numbers
  • any financial information
  • any license numbers
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • tax receipts/forms
  • pay stubs/cheques
  • etc
As an experienced mail provider we recommend all personalized mail containing sensitive data utilize our Document Reliability System (DRS), a quality-control marking on each personalized document that extends the integrity of the run in the form of an additional 2-dimensional barcode or OCR readable index number to ensure the highest level of output verification. An innovative camera system is utilized to read and report each document as it is processed through the inserting process, providing correct sequence assurance, and producing a full audit trail verifying each envelope’s completion. The system allows us to quickly identify and fix any doubles, missing personalized documents, or insertion errors mid-stream without compromising the production process or audit trail.
The DRS System:
  • Identifies and fixes doubles, insertion errors and missing personalized documents in mid-stream
  • Reduces or eliminates manual verification
  • Enables controlled selective inserting
  • Enters a time/date stamp into an SQL database as an audit trail of each item inserted
  • Maintains a job history report

Although we diligently employ other quality control precautions there is a higher margin of error when the DRS is not utilized. Even if there are no privacy requirements it is a very time consuming and imperfect process to attempt to identify and remediate any discrepancy without the DRS.