Direct Mail Design

Are you looking for personalized high-quality print that will entice even the most hard-won clients?

Utilizing today’s industry standard design and prepress software, we can handle all of your most complex design and printing jobs under one roof!

Whether you’re creating a brand new promotion, or revising a previous campaign, we can work with you on your design from start to finish. We have extensive experience in creating campaign letters, newsletters, donor campaigns, advertisements, postcards, self-mailing pieces, and much more! 

Since our design department is in-house, we are able to design with Postal and Direct Mail standards in mind, allowing increased effectiveness of your design while minimizing costs. We can also utilize customer data to implement variable printing including customization, variable text and images seamlessly into any design!

Related Work

Source Cable
Source Cable

By changing the look and feel of their customer bills, Source Cable was able to very quickly realize an impressive return on a small investment.

Fatima Center
Fatima Center

By working with Directworx, The Fatima Center was able to sell their printing equipment, realizing a huge cost savings.

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet were able to overlay registration data with Canada Post mail data to see what results were like for the campaign, helping to quantify their return on investment (ROI).

Person working with color swatches
Combine with Digital

 We can help bolster response rates to your direct mail campaign by an average of 20% with integrated digital media. Engagement effectiveness has long been a hallmark of direct mail, and combining its established strengths with new technologies and techniques requires a strategically coordinated approach. 

We’ll draw upon the resources that deliver results with expertise in orchestrating channels from print to e-mail, social media, and traditional media.  

Sending Artwork

Already have a design created? No problem! We accept all standard layout files, including INDD packages, PDFs, and Microsoft Office (Publisher, Word). Click below for more information on how to prepare your piece for delivery: