Producing Your Final Mail Piece

Ensure your mail is produced professionally, accurately and on time with our state-of-the-art in-house lettershop services. Through our deep understanding of best practices, we’ll make your campaigns fly in the most efficient cost effective manner possible.  After all, we started over 20 years ago as a lettershop and that’s still in our genes today.

We guarantee accurate, on-time, high-volume mail outs of addressed and unaddressed mail at the best possible price. We do it all, including warehousing your approved stock, printing variable information according to a cleaned database, inserting according to customized “rules”, addressing, completing paperwork, delivering to Canada Post and following up to ensure it’s all gone according to plan.


Document Reliability System

We can add quality-control markings on each document in the form of additional OMR lines and/or a 2D “datamatrix” barcode (shown) that extends its integrity to ensure 100% output verification. The system allows us to quickly identify and fix any doubles or missing documents in a job, as well as insertion errors mid-stream. Intelligent inserting can also be controlled by the same code. and all without compromising the production process. Most importantly, each mail piece that is scanned with the 2D barcode is archived and trackable, so jobs can be audited when needed to ensure correct output.