Buyatab Digital Gift Card Seminar

On June 27th, our President Dan Schottlander, Product & Business Development Director Layne Gobeil, and developers Brian Lukas and Tony Mancini attended and participated in Buyatab‘s Digital Gift Card Seminar. They represented Directworx and were in a panel along with Roots Canada, Buyatab and the Gift Card Network.

For their presentation, they shared with everyone our eGift incentive fulfillment platform. This platform helps our customer offer rewards such as gift cards or coupons through an action such as loyalty programs and specials.

“The lively and relaxed settings made it a great opportunity to network and learn from great people. It was a great learning experience that can better us to benefit our customers,” said Dan. “eGift has been a success for our insurance, automotive and retail customers. We want to take our current knowledge and our new found knowledge to combine that to help further future business objectives customers have.”

Do you have an eGift mailing you would like to start? Contact us today and we would love to show you a demo of what we can do!

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