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MADE for BroadHub!

As a Certified GLDS Partner we've invested years collaborating on the design and powerful features of the SuperBill so operators can get the most out of BroadHub when it comes to presenting a bill to subscribers.

Dream in color.

A SuperBill is easy to read, with important information formatted for clarity and impact. A clear, friendly invoice will be paid sooner—without a call to your Customer Service Centre. And when a call is necessary, your Customer Service reps can access, correct and print a PDF copy of every bill. Already customers like you more.

Works seamlessly with BroadHub.

We take your data file and turn it into something beautiful using your existing customer platform, with no disruption to your regular operations. directworx is a certified GLDS Partner.

A proven design that leverages best practices for bill layout

We specialize in helping independent telecommunications providers reach their customers with the same kind of cross-promotional power as the big guys. With over 15 years of experience working with telecoms, we speak your language and know what your subscribers are looking for. SuperBill vs BH standard bill - Whats the Difference?

Dream in color.

What our customers are saying...

“Since we started working with directworx, our billing process has been more efficient, accurate and less time-consuming than ever before. The transition process was seamless, and our customers are very pleased with the improved bill layout...The directworx staff are helpful, knowledgeable and are always available to assist.”
Kristie Bullock - Lakeland Holdings Ltd.
“We have developed a great partnership with directworx and their dedication to our success is evident in the quality of our bill design and the distribution of these bills to our customers. Being able to self-serve and customize our SuperBill Messages and Onserts via BroadHub allows us flexibility and ease. The team we work with at directworx is incredibly responsive, efficient and attentive.”
Amy Meyer - Fort Collins Connexion
“Working with directworx to produce our invoices has been a great experience for the past 6 years... The team has always been great to deal with – personal, friendly and flexible to our needs. They’re always open to exploring new ideas and quick to respond should we have any concerns.”
Kimiko Morgan - Novus Entertainment
“All of the directworx staff are engaged and show enthusiasm to get the job done. My only regret is that we didn’t make the switch years earlier.”
Brendan O’Hara - Rogers Communications Inc

You’re sending bills anyway.

Isn’t it time you made them
work for you... and your customers?


No attractive branding

Minimal use of color

Ads can’t be easily distinguished
from the invoice text

Messages are the same for every


1 Generous white space and use of color create an attractive, branded look that is inviting to look at and read. Customers feel like you care enough to make things clear and are less likely to make a confused call to your Call Centre.

2 That most precious of real estate—the front of the bill provides an easy-to-read high-level summary of the customer’s account and plenty of space (up to 75 per cent) for targeted advertising.

3 Ads feel friendly and are easily distinguished from the billing information, increasing their visibility.

4 Color draws the eye to important information, making the bill easier to pay.

5 Customers receive tailored messaging depending on their purchases, account status and other data, increasing the likelihood they’ll take action.

6 Identifiers are added to take advantage of “intelligent” inserting so bill stuffers are only given to relevant recipients, which saves on print costs.

7 Payment stub information varies depending on how the customer pays their bill.