Tax Statements Made Easy

Tax season is upon us again! If you’re currently working to send out your tax forms before the February 28th deadline, consider directworx. Our company processes invoices, payroll stubs and statements on a regular basis. During tax season we also process tax receipts, slips and statements (T4, T5, RSP, RIF, etc) for numerous clients. We have the expertise to get your mailing done securely, accurately, and on time.

From Data to Delivery

We have the technology and software to work with virtually all types of data, no matter where it’s generated. Whether your files are ready to print PDF, or raw data in need of a dynamic layout, we can work with you to ensure your job is created to your needs and specifications.

Accurate and Reliable Fulfillment

directworx can generate and print quality-control markings on every page of your document in the form of a 2D barcode, which ensures 100% output verification.

A sample T4 tax form layout, showcasing the two-dimensional barcode used for quality control.

The barcode on each piece is read by our machine upon insertion. This allows us to identify and fix any doubles or missing documents in a job, as well as mid-stream errors. Most importantly, each scanned piece is archived and tracked, so jobs can be audited at any time to confirm correct output.

A snapshot of directworx' DRS report, which records each barcode upon insertion, to ensure reliable, accurate mailings.

The Result

With our flexible data processing services and reliable insertion tracking, we can ensure your next statement job will go smoothly. Give us a call today to learn more!

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