Is Direct Mail Still Effective in 2022?

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3 ways to improve your direct mail marketing effectiveness this year

Imagine this: Your business objectives for 2022 have increased while your marketing budget has remained the same (if not decreased). The task of reaching your target audience has become even more challenging. Does this sound familiar? This is the reality that most businesses are facing today.

Now you ask yourself: what is an effective way to reach my audience? Should I increase my digital marketing budget? Should I still consider direct mail marketing? After all, it is 2022—is direct mail marketing still effective? The short answer is: yes.

In a study issued by Canada Post called A Bias for Action – The neuroscience behind the response-driving power of direct mail, True Impact Marketing states that “direct mail is more action-oriented than digital media”. The reason behind that is two-fold. First: direct mail is easier to understand than digital media, as it requires “21% less cognitive effort to process and elicits a much higher brand recall”. Secondly: direct mail can be much more persuasive than online media. According to the Canada Post study, direct mail “appeals to more senses beyond touch” elicits a “motivation response [that] is 20% higher” compared to digital media. 

Based on this research, it’s clear that direct mail marketing is still effective – and can actually be more effective than digital media. So, are you ready to change your marketing strategy for 2022?

As a small business ourselves, we know these types of changes are easier said than done. To help you get started, we’ve put together three ways for your business to increase your direct mail marketing effectiveness.

1) Postal Code Targeting 

Direct mail postal code targeting is simple, yet extremely effective. Do you know who your ideal target audience is? Demographic information such as age, gender, occupation, and income range can be a great start to help build an audience to which to market your business.

As a Canada Post Expert Partner, directworx can help you build a look-a-like audience that helps you reach potential new leads through direct mail. Postal code targeting is effective because it allows you to leverage what you know about your existing customers and target leads who are similar to them. Interested in learning more about postal code targeting? Check out Canada Post’s introduction to postal code targeting.

2) Direct Mail Design

As highlighted in the Canada Post study, direct mail is easier for customers to process compared to digital media. After successfully finding the right addresses to target, you need to make sure your direct mail design stands out from the competition.

Are your marketing materials up-to-date with the design trends for 2022? From what we’ve seen so far from our direct mail customers and online trends, minimalism is in. Here is a great blog post about the design trends that we expect to see reflected in direct mail pieces for 2022.

Want to create a beautiful direct mail piece that both looks modern and is effective? Set up a chat with our design experts today and we can help you update your designs for 2022.

3) Improve Your Messaging and Call-to-Action

When it comes to capturing the attention of customers and enticing them to take action, messaging is vital. Think about your own business – have you defined your value proposition? Is it clear and concise enough to be included on a small direct mail postcard? With over 22 years of experience of working with small businesses across Canada and the USA, we can help you simplify your value proposition and marketing communications in ways that will grab your customers’ attention.

Finally, you should think about the purpose of your direct mail campaign. Do you want customers to redeem a coupon? Increase brand awareness for a new product? Having a simple and easy call-to-action will reduce the resistance for customers to actually take those actions. If you would like to work on creating effective calls-to-action for your business, let us know here!
Directworx is here to help you with your direct mail, printing, marketing needs and more. Share a bit about your business needs with us via our contact form and we’ll come back to you with a free quote request.

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