How to Effectively Reach Customers During COVID-19


Since March, the world has adjusted to a new normal. Offices, restaurants, and other non-essential retail shops have closed, but that doesn’t mean your business needs to stop. With (almost) everyone staying at home right now, this is one of the best times to reach your customers via direct mail. 

The Direct Marketing Association conducted a study on direct mail response rates vs email marketing response rates in 2018. What the study concluded was that direct mail outperformed email marketing with a 4.4% response rate versus a 0.12% response rate (read more here). Even better, try integrating direct mail with digital channels for greater impact and higher responses.  See this Marketing Mix article for more great approaches. If you want your customers to take action – try direct mail! 

Here are some ideas for positioning your message using direct mail during COVID-19:

1. Use direct mail to update your customers on business changes

Have your business hours changed? Are you organizing live streams for events or product announcements? Have you launched an online shop? Let your customers know! Direct mail is the perfect way to spread the news and to also add a personal touch – consider including a personalized “signed” letter from your president or executive team, with transparency about how your business is adapting during this time. It’s no secret that many businesses have been impacted, and communities are rallying around local businesses and not-for-profits – so, make it easy for your customers or donors to know how they can help support you.

2. Send coupons or promotional offers to your customers or prospects to be redeemed after COVID-19

A timely promotion can give your business that extra boost to help get things going after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. It also demonstrates that your business understands that many of your customers have been financially impacted due to Coronavirus and that you’d like to lessen the strain once they are able to spend again. In the meantime, take this opportunity to promote your business, clear out inventory, or be top of mind when it comes time to book appointments when businesses re-open. Sending promotions that people can touch and feel via direct mail have been proven to have higher response rates than promotions sent through email marketing.

3. Reach prospects through Postal Code Targeting

Have you been meaning to set up an outreach campaign to reach [new prospects? With families and individuals at home, there is no better time than now to land in the mailboxes of prospects and drive awareness of your business. This can be done effectively through Postal Code Targeting. In previous blogs, we’ve explored how Postal Code Targeting works by using your existing customer demographic information to build lookalike audiences to target new prospective customers. Make the most of this time by building your prospective audience and be ready to connect with them when things return to normal.

Ready to try any of the three suggestions on your next direct mail campaign? We’re here to help! Give us a call at (905) 525-7364 or submit a contact form by May 15 to receive a free quote request and 15% off your next direct mail marketing campaign (some restrictions apply).

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