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Making your billing better is easier than you think.

Billing statements and financial documents can be so much more than just showing a customer their numbers. Like all interactions with your customers, this is an important one. First, having a clean, well-designed, easy-to-read statement provides your customers with a positive brand experience. While receiving bills may not be any reason to celebrate, it is expected and accepted; so, eliminating elements that are confusing or frustrating will certainly score some points. This is where billworx excels and takes the whole experience to the next level. A visually appealing bill statement now becomes a valuable communication tool.

Updating & upgrading your billing statements made easy.

Many businesses – financial, utility and telecommunication companies in particular – now rely on billworx to manage their bill design and printing. Previously complex bills have become clearer and friendlier for customers to read. They’ve become sources of information and education so customers can learn about service updates, upcoming promotions, or the upgrades that they could get. This is a great way to provide relevant offers to an already-engaged customer base.

“How difficult is it to implement this?” Not at all.

Developing a more functional and versatile billing statement is an appealing proposition for most companies. But, naturally, concerns arise about managing how these would be implemented into the current billing process. The quick answer – it’s not challenging at all. The expertise and experience of the billworx team has made this a seamless transition for numerous businesses.

While all of our clients have different objectives and nuances in their billing statements, there are consistencies in the onboarding process. The following will give you an idea of the steps we take to get billworx working for you.

Step 1 – Provide us with a sample of your data.

We can digest from almost every source you provide. From flat text to xml to PDF, armed with this we will build a turn-key solution that makes you look great.

Step 2 – Approve a bill design.

We can replicate the current, build a whole new look and feel from one of our templates, or right from scratch. Colors, logos, icons and marketing messages are utilized in producing an effective document that communicates your brand. We begin with the end in mind!

Step 3 – Provide us with some of your branding assets.

By using elements that make up your organization’s identity, we’ll ensure your bill is a great reflection of your brand.

Step 4 – Test.

Before anything is deployed, we’ll provide you with a complete test run to make sure everyone’s in approval and happy with how your new statements look.

Step 5  Launch!

And that’s it! Your new billing statements are headed to your customers.

Are you looking to turn your billing statements into a visually appealing communication tool? Let’s chat about how we can help make that happen – easily and hassle-free. Give us a call at 1-800-559-7364.

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