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You want it done well and you want it on time. Those are the key evaluators of any printing partner. Your printed materials are part of building the impression of your business and brand. Here at directworx, we know that as well as anyone. A less-than-professional looking, or feeling, job can have a lasting negative impact – negating the efforts you’ve put into creating the material. To us, our commitment to customer care means investing in the right technology.

A lineup that’s built on precision, quality, and speed.

Effectively managing your print job requires the right tech for the project. The required formats and the number of printed pieces required can vary greatly. We pride ourselves in being able to manage these projects so they are completed with the best production quality while being the most cost-effective and timely.

The Ricoh 8120 – Quality digital black at lightning speed.

This printer provides us with the ability to manage high-volume jobs with incredibly crisp quality. It enables us to print a wide variety of formats and paper-stock types. And at a speedy 135 sheets per minute, it helps reduce the time required for the project.

The Ricoh C901 Digital Press – Incredible full-colour images and the versatility to handle larger sizes.

This printer delivers breathtaking quality in a range of output sizes. Equipped to print at 1200 x1200 dpi at any size, the images we can output are impressive. At 90 pages per minute, this unit can crank out top quality outputs at a very good pace. And with plenty of finishing features, your print materials arrive ready to wow your recipients.

High-speed inkjet printing with our RISO ComColor press.

This unit brings more speed to our lineup. For high-volume, full-colour, mail production – like bills and statements – this is our go-to. Depending on dynamics of the job, this printer can reach ultra-fast speeds of 160 pages per minute. This keeps your projects moving and gives you impressively coloured results that will capture the attention of your customers.

The latest addition to the team – our Xante En/Press.

For your mailout and statement needs, this printer can print full colour envelopes at a remarkable rate of 4,000 per hour. It also has the versatility to print various sizes as formats – including banners – with high-definition images.

We take a great deal of pride in the quality of the materials we produce. Having the right technology to handle specific jobs is part of ensuring a smooth, efficient process. Our goal on every project is to provide you with the best service and project management possible. Having the right hardware for the job is a key part of that. But our most important objective is providing you with the best looking printed materials possible. Our lineup of printers assures that.

Do you have a printing project coming up? Let’s chat about how we can make it a smooth process with impressive results. Give us a call at 1-800-559-7364.


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