Direct Mail Fundraising More Effective Than Email


NP-0613_webGrandma may tweet daily about her arthritis and buy her cat food online, but how does she prefer to donate?

Online or offline? Both?

Mailing a fundraising letter costs more than sending an email appeal. But for a non-profit organization there’s one method which brings in more net revenue.

You might prefer to communicate by email than by mail, but which method do your most profitable donors prefer?

The answer to this question is best settled by facts…

  • The majority of donors give their first gift through Direct Mail
    Direct mail is responsible for 75% of new donors. 16% of new donors make their first gift online.1
  • The majority of donated revenue arrives by Mail
    The typical non-profit organization in North America receives more than 75% of its total donated revenue through direct mail, 10% donate online.1
  • The majority of North American donors give through only one channel – Direct Mail
    Most donors give by direct mail as their only vehicle for donations.1
  • Canadian donors prefer to donate by Mail
    40% of Canadian donors prefer to mail a cheque, followed by donating in cash or by a cheque made in person. 17% prefer to donate online.2
  • Canadian donors prefer to be solicited by Mail
    The most preferred method of receiving a donation request is through printed mail addressed to the donor. This method is commonly used, with two thirds of donors reporting to have received this kind of solicitation in the last year.2
  • Canadians have a high opinion of Direct Mail marketers
    When asked for their overall opinion of companies which use direct mail and email advertising, 31% of respondents said they had a positive opinion towards companies using addressed direct mail, while 15% said they had the same attitude towards email.3
  • Canadians pay attention to Direct Mail
    In response to the question, “To which direct marketing advertising method do you pay the most attention?” 24% of respondents said addressed direct mail while 4% said email.3

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