Source Cable. A Success Story

Source Cable

Customer since: 2000

Where it all started:

For many years, Source Cable had been handling the printing of their monthly black-and-white bills using their legacy billing system and their own supplier of printing services. Directworx simply folded the bills, inserted them in envelopes and mailed them to customers. Eventually, directworx took over the printing role, but the bill format remained the same.

What wasn’t working:

Source Cable’s customer service reps were just too darn busy, and the company’s late payment numbers were unnecessarily high. The reasons? The bill format didn’t allow for similar products to be grouped together and it wasn’t clear what was owed and the due date. Also, by taking a “just the facts” approach to billing, Source Cable wasn’t benefiting from the opportunity to communicate special offers and new services to any of its customers—let alone customizing the messages based on a particular customer’s profile.

The billworx solution:

In 2010, the designers and programmers at directworx mocked up a new bill and scheduled a show-and-tell with Source Cable execs. Within an hour, they were convinced of the value of the switch. The features with the greatest appeal included being able to:

  • Format the bill in a way that customers could easily understand
  • Introduce colour
  • Identify how much each customer was saving
  • Advertise new services to everyone (such as security systems)
  • Introduce new product lines to the customers who would be the most receptive
  • Highlight late payment warnings


The bottom line:

By changing the look and feel of their customer bills, Source Cable was able to very quickly realize an impressive return on a small investment.

Source Cable

In their words

“Billworx was able to turn our ideas into reality quickly and efficiently with their skilled staff. Now, not only do our customers get a great-looking colour bill, but one that is easy to read and even highlights how much they have saved with us—something that is very important in an increasingly competitive market. The ease and flexibility of such a system is priceless to us, and enables us to keep our staff focused on our customers.”

Darryl Chandler, Vice President of Operations and General Manager, Source Cable

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