Fatima Center

Fatima Center

Customer Since: 2019

Where it all started:

For several years, The Fatima Center, a Catholic non-profit organization, had been managing their direct mail donor campaigns in-house. These appeals are critical for the charity and account for nearly 80% of the funding they receive annually. When their lead mailing machine operator left the team, they made the decision to outsource these campaigns to a third party.

What wasn’t working:

The charity trialed three different providers to become their direct mail partner. But the first two providers proved challenging to work with, asking lots of complicated questions and requiring the team to follow cumbersome processes.

The directworx solution:

With Directworx, the process was straightforward, and communication was simple. The Fatima Center sent the team their files, Directworx printed them, delivered the proofs and mailed them out upon approval.

Directworx also made improvements to the Fatima Center’s direct marketing strategy, including switching from envelopes to poly bags (so donors could easily see package contents), optimizing the reply devices on donor requests and combining multiple documents into one, saving on printing costs and reducing lost items.

By working with Directworx, The Fatima Center was able to sell their printing equipment, realizing a huge cost savings. Directworx even purchased some of the machines and helped them sell off their other equipment.

The bottom line:

Today, Directworx not only manages all of The Fatima Center’s direct mail appeals, they also oversee their tax receipt program, and they’ve taken on the organization’s entire fulfillment process.

Outsourcing this work has freed up time for their internal team to refocus on the organization’s core mission.

In their words:

“Directworx has been such a huge help – beyond what we ever expected. They manage almost everything operationally for our donor campaigns. They started out as our mail house doing direct mail appears, and now they handle fulfillment, our tax receipt program – they even pick up our mail in the US. Our whole process has been simplified and streamlined because of them.”
Dustin Doepping, Purchasing, The Fatima Center

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