Cub Cadet

Customer Since: 2017

Where it all started:

Outdoor power equipment provider Cub Cadet had worked with the same partner on their direct marketing campaigns for many years. But the team felt the incumbent agency wasn’t open to change or bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table when it came to the digital and print programs they were running for their dealers and commercial customers.

What wasn’t working:

Cub Cadet has a complex service offering with more than 400 dealers in 400 regions across Canada. They wanted a new partner that could use insights and data to ensure their dealer direct mail campaigns were targeting the right people.

These campaigns needed to target customers who owned properties that could actually use their machines. They wanted to leverage their registration data of customers that had historically bought their products to help inform their campaigns going forward.

The directworx solution:

directworx was able to share examples of work they’d done for similar companies, like automobile manufacturers and their dealers, demonstrating they understood the specifics and complexity of Cub Cadet’s campaign.

The first campaign included a product catalogue flyer, as well as a $150 off promotion postcard. The team used both Neighbourhood Mail and Postal Code Targeting to optimize the reach of the campaign.

The directworx team leveraged Cub Cadet’s current product registration data to create ‘lookalike audiences’ that would target similar demographic customers in different locations.

They understood how to geo-target each dealer region, including managing boundaries for multiple dealers in the same location. They were also able to effectively personalize and standardize campaigns as well.

Cub Cadet’s dealers loved this approach because it proved their marketing budget was being used wisely and targeting the right prospects. As a result, dealer buy-in for their direct mail campaigns shot up dramatically.

directworx was able to handle these campaigns from start to finish. Cub Cadet simply provided a list of dealers and the artwork, and the directworx team handled everything else. They even offered advice on how to improve the direct mail artwork using industry best practice examples, helping to revive outdated ad formats.

The bottom line: 

After the campaign, Cub Cadet were able to overlay registration data with Canada Post mail data to see what results were like for the campaign, helping to quantify their return on investment (ROI).

directworx also introduced Cub Cadet to Gratiflow, their online incentive platform, which enabled their team to send out electronic gift cards to their dealers and commercial customers.

In their words:

“directworx is truly an extension of our team. They’re patient with us when we’re busy. They take the initiative to get things resolved. They’re persistent when they need to be. All in the name of doing good work and getting it out on time. They make our lives easier – and I want to work with them because it’s easy.”
Jennifer Duchesne, Global Brand Group Manager, Cub Cadet

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