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Thunder Bay Case Study

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Thunder Bay Hydro is in charge of connecting the Thunder Bay area with electricity. They have also been a loyal customer for over 2 years.

We provide them with quick and secure services when it comes to printing and mailing their bills. With any questions, concerns or feedback, we are there as soon as possible to provide our assistance.

At directworx, we want to be known as a trustworthy print house that always meets our deadlines. On a regular occurrence, we meet our contract standards, and always tried to go above and beyond to help Thunder Bay get their bills out in the mail.

Linda Klukie, Supervisor – Billing & Settlement of Thunder Bay Hydro, says “Aside from meeting all contractual obligations we are very appreciative of their general expertise and knowledge of the printing business. They have time and time again been able to provide suggestions and guidance as changes have come into effect, assistance with creating notices and buck slips, and were instrumental in assisting us as we developed a back-up plan if a Canada Post strike was to occur.

“I would ask you to consider directworx for the bill print needs of your company and strongly recommend the services of this company, we look forward to working with directworx in the future.”

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Buyatab Digital Gift Card Seminar

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On June 27th, our President Dan Schottlander, Product & Business Development Director Layne Gobeil, and developers Brian Lukas and Tony Mancini attended and participated in Buyatab‘s Digital Gift Card Seminar. They represented Directworx and were in a panel along with Roots Canada, Buyatab and the Gift Card Network.

For their presentation, they shared with everyone our eGift incentive fulfillment platform. This platform helps our customer offer rewards such as gift cards or coupons through an action such as loyalty programs and specials.

“The lively and relaxed settings made it a great opportunity to network and learn from great people. It was a great learning experience that can better us to benefit our customers,” said Dan. “eGift has been a success for our insurance, automotive and retail customers. We want to take our current knowledge and our new found knowledge to combine that to help further future business objectives customers have.”

Do you have an eGift mailing you would like to start? Contact us today and we would love to show you a demo of what we can do!

RGB, CMYK, and Pantone Colours Explained

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RGB stands for “Red, Green, Blue”, and is the primary colours of light. Whenever you’re looking at an image on a screen (computer, smartphone, television, etc) you are viewing it in RGB.

When submitting artwork for print, it is okay to provide RGB images, as they will be converted to CMYK (see below) when printed. Please note however that the colours may shift between what you see on screen and was appears on paper.

The primary RGB colour wheel.

The red, green and blue primary light colours, combine to create white.

CMYK “Process” Colours:

CMYK stands for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (or ‘Key’)”, and is the standard used on all offset and digital colour printers. Graphics are created by printing each colour over top of each other to create a composite colour image.

CMYK is generally used when dealing with full-colour images like photographs and colour layouts.

An image of a monarch butterfly, shown as CMYK separations, as well as a composite image.

The separate cyan, magenta, yellow and black colour plates (top) are combined to create a composite image.

Pantone “Spot” Colours:

Instead of combining colours via CMYK to create a composite image, a “spot” colour is a solid ink colour that is pre-mixed before printing. The press operator will match the colour to the Pantone Matching System, to ensure colour accuracy.

Pantone is an international standard, and this ensure that ANY printer using Pantone’s system can accurately recreate the colour required. Spot colours are generally used for things like logos and branding; solid colours that require consistency and accuracy. Spot colours can also be used in conjunction with CMYK colours when combining full colour images with branding/logo colours on a single layout.

Digital presses are unable to print pre-mixed spot colours, however most spots can be recreated almost exactly using CMYK.

Ink is being mixed to match a Pantone colour swatch.

The Pantone Matching System is being used to pre-mix the exact colour needed for an offset print job.

Colour Printing with directworx:

We utilizes digital press technology in-house, and we’ve also partnered with local offset printers, to offer a wide range of colour print technologies. Let us know if you have any questions; we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss the best approach for your next colour job.

2017 Niagara Business Achievement Awards – Finalist

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Directworx is thrilled to announce that we are nominated for a Niagara Business Achievement Award through the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce!

The nomination is for their Technology and Innovation Award, along side Rel8ed.to, Clickback and The Violin Group.

Congratulations to all nominees! We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone tomorrow night.

Tips for Building a Successful Direct Mail Campaign!

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1. Planning:

    • 3 Most important things; The list, The offer or campaign, The creative & Copy
    • What would you like to accomplish? Think of the 5 Ws and an H.
    • What is it for?
    • Who will you target (client/ donor list, purchased demographic list, etc)?
    • Will you send a personalized piece, an unaddressed piece or a bit of both?
    • When would you like to send it?
    • Who will get what (Do you have multiple offers that you want to go to separate halves of the data?)
    • Is it time sensitive?
    • How long will your campaign run (is it multiple drops or just one)?
    • Is it an ad for a product, service or sale, an acquisition for donations, invite to an event?
    • Is your design eye catching yet clear what you are trying to achieve? At first glance can the client determine why the message is relevant to them, what the offer is, why should they want to participate/ why they would want your offer. Remember sometimes less is more!

2. Budget:

Figure out all your costs; try to imagine all the working parts required to get your mail out the door. Some things to consider; design costs, print costs (digital VS offset), what paper you want to use, all materials required for the mailing (inserts, envelopes), postage, processing costs.

3. Format:

  • Letter or invitation in an envelope with or without inserts
  • Postcard
  • Self Mailer
  • Online Component (i.e. Go to this website to sign up for the event)
    Be careful on how it has to be mailed, postage can add up depending on how it will be handled.

4. Results:

  • Are you tracking your responses VS how many went out?
  • Are you doing A/B testing?
  • Are you planning on doing a follow up to those who did not respond?


Need help going through a mailing plan you have in mind? We can help get your job on its way!

Our Open House!

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Our Open House last Wednesday was a great success! It was great to have our clients, friends and family all together to officially open our bigger, better location in Stoney Creek.

Thank you to all who were able to attend. Stay tuned for more events to follow in the near future!

We Have Moved

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We are excited to announce that we are now officially moved to our new location!

590 South Service Rd
Stoney Creek ON, L8E 2W1

(office access off South Service Rd,
Shipping/Receiving off Seaman St, Bays 11-13)

We will be planning an Open House in the coming months. As always, we thank you for your continued business.


directworx is Moving

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directworx is excited to announce that we are moving to a bigger, better location!

As of January 9th, 2017, our new address will be:

590 South Service Rd
Stoney Creek ON, L8E 2W1

(office access off of South Service Rd,
Shipping/Receiving off of Seaman St)

More details to follow! As always we thank you for your business.

We are Celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

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It’s all about our customers.Birthday-Cake_green

Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned after 20 years in business it’s that we can’t do it without great relationships with great people like you.  Now as we reflect on our 20th anniversary in July, it’s as much with a sense of gratitude for you as a feeling of accomplishment in our success. Your support means the world to us, so from our team to yours – thank you!

Dan Schottlander,
President, directworx


Outstanding Business Achievement Award

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globe-awardAs though being nominated for the Outstanding Business Achievement Diversity Award wasn’t enough of an honour, to win was almost embarrassing!

Let me explain, our policy to seek out people with disabilities as our first source for hiring has proven so beneficial to our organization that it felt a little awkward to stand alone at the 2013 Hamilton Chamber of Commerce awards banquet. There are many people that deserve to be recognized.

Ultimately, the award is accepted with a sense of gratitude and respect for the many individuals who, despite significant challenges, get themselves up and out to have productive and successful days. This one goes out to them. And to the organizations that made this possible.

Thank you.

Manor Personnel

Manor Personnel Deployment is a one of-a-kind consumer-driven business that helps people with autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia work, contribute, and earn wages in our community. directworx has continuously employed at least one individual from their staffing program. These employees continue to make us the company that we are today.


Ableworks is a service that helps businesses in the Hamilton, Niagara, Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk regions, recruit, hire and train the right candidates, who happen to have a disability. In late 2012, at directworx, we made a policy decision to first consider members from their initiative. This resulted in many permanent placements on our team.

It was a fantastic evening at the 1st Annual Ableworks’ “Inclusive Workplace Awards” banquet. We were entertained and educated by some amazing and inspiring speakers on the topic of breaking down barriers for people with disabilities. It was good to see so many other organizations there. They too have experienced the same benefits of hiring people who happen to face these challenges.

Opening Doors

It was a humbling experience to receive an award by this great organization that makes hiring excellent employees so easy. Ableworks works hard to overcome the many misconceptions of disability and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

The award itself was designed by Glass Artist Robert Buick, you can see more of his work here.

– Dan Schottlander