Bills and statements are a powerful communication tool. In the right hands, they can strengthen customer relationships, decrease your costs and increase your revenue.

Billworx transforms transactional documents into promotional opportunities. Bills, statements, renewal notices and retention letters have staying power. Your customers open them, read them, refer to them and save them. You have a 60-second conversation with your customers every time they open an envelope or email, and we make every second count.

Dream in colour. Dream in colour.
A billworx bill is easy to read, with important information formatted for clarity and impact. A clear, friendly invoice will be paid sooner—and minimize calls to your customer service centre. When a call is necessary, your customer service reps can access a PDF copy of every bill.
Make your customers feel special. Make your customers feel special.
We inspire loyalty by making sure customers know how much they’re saving with you. We use other information in your database to create customized, meaningful messages that promote services, campaigns and programs that will appeal directly to that customer.
Reduce costs. Reduce costs.
Our clients often find billworx pays for itself. Printing ads directly on the bill means less paper and lower printing costs. “Intelligent” inserting means only those who would find an insert relevant will get one. A cleansed database cuts down on returned mail. With advanced data cleansing and presorts we can even save on postage costs!
Keep your current billing system. Keep your current billing system.
We take your data file and turn it into something beautiful using your existing customer platform, with no disruption to your regular operations.
Go green. Go green.
Our low-energy inkjet printers use 80 per cent less energy than traditional photocopier technology. We use soy-based inks and our paper is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which guarantees it comes from well managed forests and responsible sources.
If you can imagine it, directworx can do it. If you can imagine it, directworx can do it.
We specialize in helping independent providers reach their customers with the same cross-promotional power as the big guys. With over a decade of experience in the field, we speak your language and know what your clients are looking for. But we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. We listen carefully to your business challenges and respond with creative, cost-effective, data-driven solutions that are custom fit to you. It’s the kind of relationship you can build a business on.

You know more about your customers than you think!

Pair your creative messaging with information in your customer database, to create targeted communication that informs and inspires. The scenerios are truly endless…

Anna Garcia only purchases cable services from you.
Anna’s November bill includes a catchy winter-themed ad with this headline: “Bundle up to save.” The ad promotes bundled savings on the services that Anna doesn’t already have (phone and internet) and a special winter discount promotion.

Brandin Hall was late with his payment in September.
October’s bill includes a Hallowe’en themed ad for pre-authorized payments with attractive graphics and the following copy: “Sign up for pre-authorized payments before October 31st and save 5% on your next statement. Sweet!”

Rajiv Shah subscribes to the NHL Network… but not HBO.
The Shah household loves hockey. That’s why we include a full colour graphic on Rajiv’s bill that advertises a new hockey documentary scheduled to appear on HBO next month. So Rajiv can check out the action, we offer him: “A free one-month trial of HBO.”

Vicky Chan’s account is overdue.
When Vicky gets her next bill, she’s going to be seeing red. Literally. The account summary information at the bottom of the bill is printed on a solid red box and an overdue account reminder notice is added in red text below the account summary.

Case Study: Burlington Hydro


Burlington Hydro had been using the same bill format for many years: black type, rudimentary graphs, and hard-to-follow information. Customers were confused and customer service reps overworked.

billworx was a simple way to increase the effectiveness of their monthly bills and take the worry out of Time Of Use billing. The most attractive aspects of billworx were its easy-to-understand format, use of colours (associated with Time Of Use), colourful graphs, customer segmentation, variable inserts, and on-page marketing.

With the help of billworx, Burlington Hydro faced a challenge head-on, turning it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships, fulfill CDM targets and save money.

The directworx team is responsive, accommodating and effective. They assisted with the marketing aspect of our successful conversion to time of use pricing. We found their input to be valuable, providing seamless, automated integration with our systems to reduce work at our end. Further, the redesign project was completed on time and on budget, with no disruption of service.
– Jennifer Smith, Vice President, Corporate Relations, Burlington Hydro Inc.

Case Study: Source Cable


Source Cable had been handling their invoice print using legacy systems. Their customer service reps were too busy, and late payment numbers were high. They couldn’t group similar product lines together, and it wasn’t clear what was owed and the due date. They also weren’t able to communicate offers and services to any of their customers.

directworx developed a brand new billworx layout. The features includes an easier to read bill, full colour, savings clearly identified, on-page advertisements (targeted to each user, based on invoice data), intelligent inserting, and highlights of changes and late payment warnings.

By changing the look and feel of their customer bills, Source Cable was able to clearly communicate their message, minimize call centre volume, and quickly realize a return on their investment.

Billworx was able to turn our ideas into reality quickly and efficiently with their skilled staff. Now, not only do our customers get a great-looking colour bill, but one that is easy to read and even highlights how much they have saved with us—something that is very important in an increasingly competitive market. The ease and flexibility of such a system is priceless to us, and enables us to keep our staff focused on our customers.
– Darryl Chandler, Vice President of Operations and General Manager, Source Cable

You have your customers’ undivided attention when you send their bill or statement. It’s time you made them work for you… and your customers!

Let’s get started!


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