Are you maximizing every customer touchpoint?

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The undeniable strength of Direct Mail.

The interactive and tangible properties of Direct Mail make it a strong communication vehicle – even in the digital age. Through strong strategic planning, targeted lists, and providing appealing communication pieces, directworx continues to help clients engage with their audience. Customer relationships have been further nurtured through billworx – which provides businesses with the ability to leverage billing statements as an effective communication touchpoint.

Make a tangible difference.

The physical qualities of Direct Mail add dimension to the communication mix. It’s less fleeting than almost every other option; giving your audience something to hang on to for further evaluation and consideration. Even powerhouses in the digital realm, like Google, employ Direct Mail to inform and engage. In fact, according to Fundera – an online marketplace that matches small business owners with loan providers – Direct Mail spending in the U.S. was $38.5 billion in 2018; making it the largest channel for advertising spending. Here at directworx, we know how effective a well-targeted, impressively-produced piece can be. The ability to stand out from competition and deliver a message in a memorable way is of undeniable value.

billworx: Connecting with customers through billing statements.

Many of our clients come to us for billworx – our billing statement service that you can use to enhance customer relationships. Companies in the cable, telecom, as well as utility and financial  ro sectors use billworx to provide customers with tailored information and offers that they’d be interested in.  The ability to segment customers based on a range of dynamics, like usage, product engagement,  billing history, as well as their location, has a tremendous ability to enhance relevance. That makes promotional offers, as well as extended product or service offerings, so much more efficient to communicate. Studies have shown that customers spend somewhere between 2 and 3 minutes with their bill. A virtually-captive audience that’s in the progress of interacting with your business and receptive to your personalized promotion messaging.

Quicker payments. Increased sales. Better relationships.

The results billworx has provided for our clients have been a consistent point of pride for our organization. The simple step of creating a more polished and appealing bill statement has resulted in a higher percentage of bills being paid on time. Sales increase have also been reported thanks to the enhanced ability to segment customers and provide more relevant offers. And, providing better, more branded, experience for customers can pay long-term dividends. Every touchpoint is important – a bill statement is no exception. Through billworx, you can make the most of an important one.

Ready to maximize every customer touchpoint, we’d be happy to make it happen. Give us a call at (905) 525-7364 or submit a contact form.

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