Tailor your Techniques

Due to a wealth of information on the internet, increased competition, a rising number of decision-makers, and a focus on price as the primary differentiator, selling is harder today than it has ever been before. To further complicate matters, buyers’ expectations are changing. As a result, selling techniques must be refined. Smart business teams are actively examining the needs of today’s empowered buyers and structuring their processes and sales force to address changing buying practices. We understand that some buyers will recognize that they have a problem and may turn to us seeking a solution, others will need our knowledge and insight to highlight opportunities for improved results. These groups must be sold to differently.

In response to changing buying behaviors, more and more businesses may choose to implement a dual-focus sales team. “Hunters” and “farmers” have different skills and having access to both types of salespeople can be a critical success factor. The hunters would be responsible for tracking down new business or winning back past customers, while the farmers would focus on cultivating relationships with existing customers to expand their buying potential. The bottom line is that no salesperson can be all things to all buyers, so setting your sales team up for future success means establishing a team that is capable of selling the right solutions to the right set of buyers. Savvy businesses will tune their selling techniques to a variety of buyers’ expectations as they expand into new services and product offerings.

Automation and Operational Excellence

It’s time we acknowledge we are amid a new industrial revolution called “Industry 4.0”. A shift toward improved automation and operational excellence has been in the industry talk track for most of this decade. directworx has invested heavily in improved facilities, automation platforms and LEAN manufacturing techniques. Now that the infrastructure is in place, it is time to leverage the power of automation and build production workflows that automate as much as possible. At directworx we’ve intentionally focused on automation that make it easy to work with us while solving our customers problems. This has resulted in some wonderful solutions such as automated incentive fulfillment, “web-to-workflow” and “response-to-print” all of which help our customers grow their business with greater ease than ever before.

This direction is driven by numerous factors… The rise in data volumes and connectivity; The increased need for data analytics and business-intelligence to run a business as well as support customer applications; speed to market; the need for cross-platform integration and of course, customer experience.

Management personnel must lead the transformation in their businesses to achieve the levels of operational excellence that will enable their businesses to grow. Technologies that are evolving will continue to become more automated, so we must proactively embrace automation that eliminate touchpoints in the print shop. It is also important to minimize the spreadsheet-based management that can prevent operational excellence.

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